Monday, December 11, 2006


Ten things I would never do, pinched (not tagged) from Misty:

1. Eat marmite. I've scraped more palatable stuff from inside engine blocks. Honestly, what are you people thinking?

2. Give up my residual, hardwired chip-on-shoulder resentment of the Royal family. I mean, that the f*ck is this all about? Who are all the people who voted? Do they *all* watch equestrianism, where, let's face it, the horse is doing most of the work? (insert she-looks-like-a-horse gag here)

3. Buy napkin rings. No, no, no, NOOOO!

4. Get opera. I try, I really do, but I find it hard to suspend disbelief that much. Maybe I haven't seen the right one yet.

5. Buy the Daily Mail.

6. Vote Tory. Even if there was a gun to my head, I think I would find it very hard. Again, probably hardwired. I blame my grandfather. He sat my on his knee when I was no more than five, pointed at the scary woman with the big handbag and the funny man-voice who was on the telly, and said to me, 'That, little Moai, that, is the enemy.'

7. Give up on Wales. Even after things like this, I have kept going, kept hoping. I think it's a form of psychopathy.

8. Embrace a monotheistic religion. I lost all faith in a benevolent, omnipotent god on this day.

9. Read Harry Potter. I've lasted this long, I see no reason to give up my cherished ignorance now. Anyway, I can watch the films at Christmas with a sherry and a chocolate orange like everyone else.

10. Give up blogging *altogether*. Sigh.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wilfred Llewellyn Manning

Wilfred Llewellyn Manning was born on the 31 March 1923 in Merthyr Tydfil. His father was a traveling salesman from Essex who moved to Merthyr to sell miner's lamps.

Afflicted with polio at an early age, he used a stick and built-up shoe for the rest of his life. As such, his war service was in the Home Guard. A natural engineer and craftsman with a gift for drawing and maths, he spent most of his working career as a toolmaker and draughtsman at Merthyr's Hoover factory. In retirement, he enjoyed modelmaking in Meccano and woodworking, making wooden castles and garages for his grandson. A sociable man who laughed easily, he enjoyed relaxing at the Aberfan & Merthyr Vale Working Men's Club with a pipe or cigar and glass of rum. He also contributed his time and craftsmanship to the narrow-gauge Brecon Mountain Railway, refurbishing the carriages. He was frequently called upon by friends and family to fix malfunctioning household appliances. An avid reader throughout his life, he was particularly fond of sci-fi.

He died at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil in March 1989. He married once. He was cremated and his ashes scattered next to the tracks of the Brecon Mountain Railway. His wife Marion (b.8 Jan 1925) died in 1998.

He had two sons, Robert, who still lives in Merthyr, and John, a university graduate who moved to Barry. Both sons married, and subsequently divorced. Known grandchildren are Ceri, Ross and at least two others (including a set of twins.)

I commit this to the web, for remembrance's sake.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's no good

...I'm not saying anything that a million other people aren't saying faster and better. So, I'm shutting up the Lighthouse for good. I'll still be commenting elsewhere though. It's been fun.

Bye all.

The Moai

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm baaaack!

And I'm angry.

The court heard Miss Green believed she was targeted by four women - Valerie Alexander, manager of the insurance division; her PA Fiona Gregg; telephone directory administrator Daniella Dolbear; and Jenny Dixon, a PA.

Bullied by your own PA?

'She was promoted twice before she received stress counselling in March 2000, paid for by the company, and assertiveness training.... Her job was kept open until September 2003....'

....And then got 800 feckin' grand handed to her! Could they have done any more for her?

A man would have been laughed out of court with these accusations.

Does this woman not realise the damage she has done for the prospects of other women who want to work in the City? As if women don't have enough problems getting into banks, this will make hiring City managers even more wary of hiring litigious victims of 'stress' and 'bullying'.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Au revoir

Both of my regular readers will have noticed a distinct lack of activity in the Lighthouse of late. Frankly, I am running a bit short of inspiration, so I am going to shut up shop for a while to recharge the batteries. Back later this summer.

My parting shot, which may inspire a little debate, is this: the greatest band ever formed from any members, dead or alive. My picks:

Guitar: Jimi Hendrix. No question about it, the greatest guitarist who has ever lived. Second choice:

Vocals: Jim Morrison. Tremendous lyrics, and a wonderful voice that can range from a scream to a sigh. Second choice: Freddie Mercury.

Bass: Cliff Burton. Controversial, I know, but technically brilliant and incredibly disciplined, and one of the few listenable bass soloists. If not him, then Jon Entwhistle. Or Peter Hook. Hmmm.

Keyboards: Ludwig Van Beethoven. Seriously. Language barrier aside, he was an absolute master of mood and melody.

Drums: Just edging out Keith Moon, it has to be the mighty John Bonham.

Mixing: The KLF. Imagine what they could do with the sounds made by the above.

Bye for now.

The Moai will return

Friday, June 23, 2006

More naked populism


Translation: 'We took a spanking in the council elections because of this, especially in London. People have noticed that we are involved in naked profiteering. We're f*cked. Quick, change it, do something, anything'

Oh well, the reaction may be populist, but it does seem sensible. A Camden parking vulture* once booked a bike on a yellow line. Its rider was lying ten feet away being treated by paramedics after a crash. They have also fined a man who stopped to change his false leg. Yes, really.

* - this is unfair. Vultures are useful creatures, that keep the area clean by eating carrion. A persistent, primitive, harmful parasite like a lamprey or tick or intestinal hookworm may be a better comparison.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Via Wat Tyler, the EU plans to spend your money on saving inefficient producers of unwanted wine.

Oddly enough, the producers in question are mainly in France and Italy.

What did the EU to help British farmers when the beef ban, followed by foot & mouth, drove many to the wall, and some to kill themselves? Absolutely sod all. I wonder why.