Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rant number one - starting as I mean to go on....

Most people start blogs with a bit of background as to why they're doing it. I'm hoping that will become apparent over the next few weeks and months.

Anyway, onto my favoured topic of the moment: Blair. A-ha! What more can be said? The man has seemingly not taken on baord the public's distaste for him and so he is attempting to ram through some ill-thought out legislation:
This will be a total disaster. Spain has ID cards and the Madrid bombing still happened. I maintain that ID cards are an answer still lacking a convincing question, and will be at best a money-pit, and at worse a pointless intrusion. Am I not already sufficiently identified? Govt IT cock-ups are legion (£1b on a pension system that never worked) and this will be the biggest of all, mark my words. And as for the 'incitement to religious hatred' bill.... unworkable jurisprudence.

The link below is to a US judge - check out the name. And where his wife is from.
Childish, I know. But funny.

50 Things about me to come. It won't be as funny as www.scaryduck.blogspot.com or as interesting as www.greenfairy.com (oh, to be able to write like that) but then who is?


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