Monday, March 06, 2006

There's trouble on campus, pa!

I work at a university. I just walked past the student union notice board. It seems they are organising an inter-society 5-a-side football competition. I note that the societies taking part include:

Sri Lankan Society
Tamil Soc
Islamic Soc
Christian Union
Jewish Soc

Is it just me, or is this a tremendously bad idea?

Currently reading: The Best of 'Dear Bill'. Utterly hilarious. Full of (what purports to be) dear old Dennis Thatcher's missives to Bill Deedes re; 'the Boss' (guess who), frightful old lefties and snifters on the links.


Blogger Wyndham said...

I'd pay good money to see that tournament. Theres got to be a tremendous screenplay in there somewhere.

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Blogger Wyndham said...


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