Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good morning around the world

If you deal with people in business who don't share your native language, you'll know what a good impression it makes to learn even the most basic phrases in their language. So:

Bonjour/bore da(Welsh)/guten tag/marnin' (West Country)/Indemin addersh (Amharic)/pari lusi (Western Armenian)/Mojn (Jutland Danish)/Yadra (Fijian)/Ohayo (Japanese)/Ooglonii mend (Mongolian)/Mu lemele (Zambian Silozi)/Kuzu zangpo (Bhutanese Dzongkha)

Couldn't find Easter Island Rapanui or Pascuense. If there are any Easter Islanders reading, I'd love to know.

Question: Would a mobile office supplies delivery service be 'Non-stationary stationery'?


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