Thursday, June 09, 2005

Buddhist hymns

I am a keen singer, especially of old Welsh hymn tunes. But they are all devoutly non-conformist Christian and I am now a Buddhist. So, what do I do?

Simple, rewrite the lyrics.

The tunes have been set to countless lyric variations over time anyway - I am just chagning the religion as well as the words!

So, the first effort: the incomparable Cwm Rhondda, the tune to which the words Bread of Heaven (Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah) are set.

Guide me, O Thou great Lord Buddha
Teacher in this suffering land
I am weak but Thou art mighty
Guide me with Thy powerful hand.

Holy Dharma, Holy Dharma
Feed me till I want no more (I want no more)
Feed me till I want no more.

Hmm, needs work. Must study the Dharma more to get some inspiration.

Another alternate version, from the Diamond Geezers Harlequins RFC fan site:

You can buy your bread from Safeways,Tescos,and Asda too,
There are many brands to chose from, Hovis and Kingsmill too,

Bread from Safeway, bread from Safeway,Mothers Pride and Kingsmill too,
Mother's Pride and Kingsmill too.


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