Friday, January 13, 2006


'Be a good chap and take the fall, old boy... we can get you a peerage and a nice safe job in the City.... after all, Ruth has her whole career ahead of her, wouldn't it be a shame to lose her? Yes....'

From The Nameless Tory:
I’d imagine Kim Howells got into work this morning and was very surprised to find that he had admitted to the mistake. Even more surprised when he found that he had made a statement about it. I can imagine him making the calls now:

"Campbell, what the hell is going on? I never made that statement!"

"Don’t f*cking sweat it son, we made the f*cking choice for you. You don’t get a f*cking choice in the b*stard statements you make. F*ck that. What, you think Prezza actually f*cking volunteered to pay that council tax? That fat c*nt? Do me a favour. Now, listen up son, you’re resigning this afternoon and offering a heartfelt apology to the nation. Don’t worry, it’s all ready written. All I need you to do is pack up your belongings in the black bin sack I left on your desk. Oh, and don’t f*ck about. Security will be with you in 5. Mess with them and you’ll end up on a hillside with a belly full of pills and a slashed wrist, know what I’m saying? Laters."

In other news, Prezza f*cks up again. DK (whose blog is one year old today, I'll raise a glass to that) raises the interesting question of why such an increasing liability is still in power...


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