Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Abolition Of Parliament Bill

From the same shower of b*stards that brought you ninety day detention, ID cards (see below) and the ban on peaceful protest outside parliament, the Legislative & Regulatory Refom Bill. A lovely bit of branding, that; they have made it sound crushingly dull when it is actually the means by which any minister who so chooses can bypass parliamentray debate and introduce any law he sees fit.

Read all about it here. Then weep for the death throes of democracy, then, finally, rage for the contempt New Labour obviously has for its electorate.


Blogger The Boy said...

I sit amazed that there is zero public interest in this. I've been following it since the initial publishing of the bill, and it scares me silly. Labour's ability to run roughshod over the constitution of this country continually depresses me. The one and only constitutional change I'd like to see is one which puts checks and balances on changing the constitution...

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