Monday, June 12, 2006

Blair's lying again 2

This man deserves a blog *all of his own.* The Cock-Up Fairy strikes again:

'Metropolitan Police Authority chairman Len Duvall has defended police commissioner Sir Ian Blair amid growing calls for his resignation.
Sir Ian is facing mounting criticism after a raid by anti-terrorist police on a house in Forest Gate, east London....' Here

Has any other high-profile public servant endured so much flak and stayed in office so long? If he was a CEO of a public company, he'd have been gone long ago.

I'd go. If he resigns he'll go on a full police pension. Why delay the inevitable?


Blogger SPL said...

I agree. As I argue here, Ian Blair has sustained one too many scandals.

As for prosectution, which has been mooted by some, I'm unsure as to whether there's sufficient legal grounding. We simply don't know enough yet, though we certainly do know enough to call for Blair's resignation.

9:09 AM  

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