Thursday, June 08, 2006

Minnows thump Wallabies

On Sunday I went to the IRB Sevens rugby tournament at that eleventh circle of hell, Twickenham. A thoroughtly good day was had by all, with some execellent rugby, but the real high point was an extraordinary David v Goliath victory that, as far as I know, has had no coverage anywhere else apart from this brief note.

Russia beat Australia.

Russia beat Australia at rugby. Not narrowly, convincingly, 21-5.

This is nothing short of astonishing.

The hero of the hour was Igor Galinovskiy, who put three tries past the Ozzies, inspiring the crowd to begin chanting 'Iiiiiii-gooor....' No doubt this baffled the poor chap. The thing that really hit home for me was the Russians' kit. As one of them shot past me on his way to the try line, I noticed they carried no sponsors' logos; on closer inspections, their red tops and blue shorts carried no logos or badges at all, not even the Russian flag. These lads had flown halfway round the world, bought some generic red training tops, gone out, and beat the Ozzies at a game that they are world beaters in. It was an amazing victory, and the crowd loved them for it. This is what rugby should be all about. Well done Russia!

In other news, the hayfever season has started. With a vengeance. Honestly, how does my head manage to generate so muh goo? Where does it all come from? The goo gland?

If you have to travel on the Jubilee line at about 820am, I apologise for the volume of my sneezing. I'm off to steam my head.


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