Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Lack of bloggage due to a course that my kindly emplores send me on. Marriott hotels are lovely but really you could be on Mars for all the local character they have (I was apparently in Essex).

Anyway. Southland v Lions game just finished and Gavin reacted in a typically Welsh manner to being dropped from the Test side - ie. with total bloody mindedness, scoring two tries. Gawd bless you Gav, Wales loves you even more that you've been wronged. Match report here.

My thoughts on the team to go for on Saturday:
Corry, Back and Jenkins are essential, as are BOD, Gareth Thomas and Josh Lewsey. Ryan Jones has a very strong claim in the pack too. I think Stephen Jones has played solidly. I am mystifed as to the absence of Cusiter as he was worked so hard at scrum half, so hopefully we'll have Peel. I could live with Thompson at hooker IF he could throw straight! Julian White at tighthead I think.

Sporting wise, there is a lot of good news right now - even the cricket is going well. What's next, Tim Henman getting to a Wimbledon semi?

Laban Tall has been kind enough to link to me, bringing in some very intelligent comments from people like . Very encouraging. Go read.

And, as promised, something creative, written in autumn a LONG time ago:

Misty Morning

The dawn is like a jeweller;

He inlays the skies with gold,

Silvers the misty valleys,

And casts pearls on emerald grass.

He encases the dawn in translucent crystal

And glorifies nature's colours;

A new day, a new jewel

In God's crown.


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