Friday, September 02, 2005


I decided last night to resign from the choir that I have been a proud member of for two years. There are a variety of reasons. I have realised that, a few people excepted, I don't really have too much in common with most of the people there. The repertoire is going downhill. The concerts are always on Saturday nights, and weekends are for rugby, museums (musea?), girlfriends and mates, not entertaining geraiatrics. (We did a concert in Eastbourne once and I could smell the urine from the stage.)

The final straw came when it was announced last night that we will not be doing the Crusader's Chorus in upcoming concerts because of 'the sensitive political situation.' Musical dhimmitude? I for one think it should be dropped because it's crap, not for fear of offending people who lack the philosophical maturity to face any form of debate or history. I'm a Buddhist and I'm not offended by Onward Christian Soldiers (should I be?). Do they really believe that by singing the Chorus we are inciting people to invade Syria? I am outraged that we have had to drop a piece of old music for fear of causing offence. I can understand not doing 'Deutschland Uber Alles', but *this*?

It also occurs to me that for two years we have stood in stage in various churches bellowing the fantastic 'Divine Brahma' from the Pearl Fishers by Bizet - am I the *only* one who has noticed that Brahma is a Hindu god? No CoE vicar has complained about this blatant act of heretical musical worship so far.

This may seem a small thing in the grand scheme of things but music is important to me. Time to find a new choir/band/musical outlet. If anyone would like to nominate a friendly, sociable group/choir with a good musical standard that wants a classically-trained second tenor/guitarist/mandolinist, let me know.

Good luck to Wales tomorrow. It may be chavball, but it's Wales.


Blogger Largetrousers said...

Dear Moai,
You forgot to mention that weekends can also be for creating exotic electrical soundscapes an endless minutes of mandolinquency.

2:51 PM  

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