Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gav's gob

Good old Gav appears to have been sticking it, at least belatedly, to Baldy Woodward and that b*stard Campbell here. Why didn't someone hit Campbell? Why? Why?!?

In other news, I was at the John Peel Memorial Gig last night. I am to going to attempt a gig review (LargeTrousers's old blog on 20six is the place for that), but:
Super Furries: bizarre but good
The Fall: old but good (but the bored-looking female keyboard player was younger than me)
Laura Cantrell: beautiful voice, a real find
Venetian Squares: industrial percussion DJ, live mixing: well, it wouldn't be John Peel with out the token obligatory unlistenable 'I think I might have played that backwards' act
New Order: joyfully, they focussed on the Joy Division back catalogue: Transmission, Atmosphere and the mighty Love Will Tear Us Apart. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

PC Copperfield is apparently considering giving up blogging; if he's being leaned on by his employers that's a shame because his writing is excellent and I for one have learnt a lot about the force. A great blog, all about well-written content.

I have recently had quite a few old schoolmates trying to contact me via Friends Reunited. Of course, I can only reply if I sign up for the paying service (great business model, natch), but I am in two minds about it anyway. Has anyone tried this, and had a positivce/negative outcome? How much in common will I have with all those people now? And will Pricey still be able to p*ss higher than his head?


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