Friday, September 30, 2005


LargeTrousers and I were discussing the work of the great Chris Morris at lunch today, recalling such gems as Joss Ackland's spunky backpack, heavy electricity, Czech neck and paedophiles disguised as schools. Morris' most recent (but hopefully not last) work of public note was 'Nathan Barley'. Those of us who have prowled the interweb satire hinterland since c.'97 will remember that Nathan Barley was formerly know by a far, far harsher name, and originated as the eponympous lead in a TVGoHome show. TVGoHome was, of course, the creation of Charlie Brooker, who gives vent to a deliciously taboo hatred in today's Grauniad.

Kate Moss jokes of the day:
Rolling up stoned gathers no dosh
A stoned Moss gathers no roles
Stoned: a roll-up; Kate Moss, I gather
etc. etc.

This has been far better blogged elsewhere, but I am going to add my two pence and say that it was shameful what happened to Mr Wolfgang. But so achingly New Labour, because they were concerned largely with how it would look on camera. That's another couple of thousand more membership cards torn up then. He really couldn't be tryign any harder to reduce party membership.

'Alistair, all these smelly proles are cluttering up the conference hall. How do we thin them out a bit?'
'Well, we can't have them f*cking all shot, well, not yet anyway, we don't have enough f*cking police here. Why not make them all leave the party?'
'Great idea. How do we do that?'
'Hmmmm.... how about beating up a f*cking pensioner?'
'That'll do.

And give the first one who stops clapping a good going over too.'

I do not regard leaving Labour, as I did in 2001. The party in power now is not my party, and not Nye Bevan's, Keir Hardie's, Clement Attlee's, or John Smith's, either.

I am off to France avec the better half next week, so unless I blog over the weekend, have fun, and talk amongst yourselves.


Blogger Largetrousers said...

Farewell Moai,
Stick some cake into your Shatner's Bassoon so those few days of bliss can seem like a month.

4:14 PM  

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