Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is the perfect, perfect example of biased questioning here.

'Nasty brown men want to shove lighted bangers up your bum. Do you like this idea? Yes - No - Not sure.'

Hu Jintao (Hu he? hoho) is in London. Let him know how you feel. The Tibetans need to take a leaf from the Palestinian/French Muslim school of protest - if you want international attention, set a disabled woman on fire or murder some children. Vajrayana Buddhism isn't getting them anywhere.

UPDATE: A warm welcome!

'I would will him on as he sank lower and lower in his chair and talked faster and faster. During the Kosovo campaign he got into a terrible tangle with a senator to whom he talked about war in the 'Balklands' and 'Kovosa'. The senator, who knew something about military matters, was surprised to hear from the deputy prime minister that British Harriers were bombing from 15ft.'
No wonder the Yanks don't take us seriously.


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