Friday, October 21, 2005


Hello to everyone who has come via The Sharpener; my pageviews have rocketed since I submitted my rant, which I suppose proves that controversy attracts eyeballs. If you're new to the Lighthouse, have a look at the archives and try to work out if there is any discernable strand to my ramblings (I can't see one, I just write this stuff.)

It's Trafalgar Day! Rule Britannia! Britannia waives the rules! Ta-daaaaa!
Learn more here, and here. I'd have a pint of Bombardier at lunch to celebrate if I didn't have sodding meetings all day.

Which 80s band are you? What a daft result. I wanted Joy Division.
'You have a lot going for you, but most people will
only remember you for one thing, and a lot of
them will try to copy it. They'll all suck at
it, though. Besides, you've got better stuff.'

What band from the 80s are you?
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