Friday, November 04, 2005


'If you are facing a short prison sentence, try to get sent down for seven days on Maundy Thursday. You see, remission is one half, and three-and-a-half days is rounded down to three. Good Friday is a Bank Holiday when prisons do not release people, just as they do not at the weekend. So you will be out on the street when the court finishes for the day, having 'served' your seven days in a few hours.'
Facinating, and I hereby link thereto.

Word of the day: desk candy. A dimwitted receptionist employed purely for her pulchritude. We now have some desk candy at work, a new temp. While she is indeed attractive she is quite thick and has already buggered up two meetings of mine, getting my name wrong in the process. I think we are in a for a trying few weeks. Some men like an office filled with totty. Not me. Give me homely middle-aged ladies any day, they get things right first time.

It's sunny, it's Friday, David Blunkett's resigned, the editrix of the Sun has beaten up Grant Mitchell, and my girlfriend is happier than I've seen her in months (she has resigned from a hellish job). Here's to the weekend.


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