Friday, April 07, 2006

Bank holidays

The campaign to make St George's Day a bank holiday

In the spirit of British brotherhood (Welsh I am, but certainly not a swivel-eyed nationalist), I am saying 'yes'.

Plus, I want an extra day off.

The Italians have sixteen bank holidays per year - eight more days off a year than us - twice what we get! We have the second lowest number of bank holidays in the EU. I'm all for Euro-harmonization on this point of policy....

Who would object? Well, CEOs who need to keep the lumpenproletariat at the grindstone 24/7. And, you may say, well, they don't have that many votes do they? They are the only ones who would object, but do not make their feelings known through voting. They make their feelings known about policy through party donations. What MP will propose this motion when he knows funding could well dry up if he doesn't keep this sort of odious plutocrat happy?

An extra bank holiday would be a wonderful thing for worker-friendly party to do. Which is why New Labour won't do it.


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