Monday, May 23, 2005

I don't like Mondays

The above-referenced Boomtown Rats tune was about an American girl who took a shotgun into school with her and executed sveral teachers and a few fellow pupils back in the seventies. When asked why, she replied, 'I don't like Mondays.'

Weekend went very well. Spent lots of time with N, and went to see Star Wars episode 3 with K. I can see what Lucas is trying to do in bringing the story back round to the point where we all know New Hope starts, but it really is dragged down by Hayden Christiansen, who is just not convincing. He should be pure evil by the end, but instead just seems petulant. Still, it's got Yoda in it, it's not got Jar-Jar sodding Binks in it, and it's better than Phantom Menace.

Better do some work now.


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