Monday, June 27, 2005

Rugby ranting

Got up far too early on Saturday morning to watch a woeful Lions game. Terrible, terrible game, where Baldy's arrogance and love of out-of-form England players was exposed by on on-fire ABs side. For what it's worth, Uaga made one of the greatest passes I've ever seen to set Sivivatu up for the try.

So, where next?

Corry and Robinson dropped to midweek team here, Gareth T now captain here, and Englishman Grewcock sent home for biting and replaced by Wales GS player Brent Cockbain here.

The future is bright(er). Because it's RED. I am sad that it took a humilitating defeat to force Baldy out of his love affair with out of form English players, but such is the way of egos in sport. Now Wales has to turn things around.

If, like me, the caps lock key drives you barmy, there is a cure at hand and it's here. Excellent little hack. I can now randomly hit the key when I am aiming at the shift or tab with impunity.

Reading of the ID cards bill in Parliament today. Here's hoping the MPs make the right decision.


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