Wednesday, September 21, 2005


This article fascinates and horrifies me in equal amounts; a secret society of men dedicated to applying scientific methods for pulling as many women as possible. Horrifying, because of the moral implications; and fascinating, because it shows that the (supposedly) best way to achieve the aims of the Darwinian drive is the ruthless application of experimentally validated, psychological techniques.

I have a very dear friend who, despite being a lovely guy, is useless with women. My girlfriend has privately said to me she thinks that is because he is just *too* nice, and not demonstrably masculine enough. She has a point. I have half a mind to get him the book this article refers to but a) how much of an insult to another man is that?, and b) I may get jealous if it has the effect it claims! I wonder what women reading this book will think. At least it's an antidote to the hellishly cynical 'The Rules.'


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I would love to read the article but I think the article on China, while scary, is not the same one you are referring to concerning 'men.' Would you please leave me a comment on my blog at with the correct link or name of article? Thanks, Kim

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