Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Blogging-lite at the moment as I have been asked by Jarndyce to submit a rant to The Sharpener. I have decide to stick my head above the parapet on a subject that will no doubt prove incendiary, and I am already expecting to get called a racist. A fuller version of the post will appear here.

News in brief:

The threat of terrorism is everywhere - stop that lady, she's walking! Who says the anti-terrorism powers are being misused by our noble guardians?

Yet more fuel to the anti-ID card fire....

“I lied, you know I lied, and there isn’t the first thing you f*ckers can do about it. So screw you all. Ha! If that b*stard Blunkett can do it and stay in the cabinet I can certainly do it from the back bleedin’ benches. So, in a nutshell, stick it up your bum."


Blogger Largetrousers said...

I would be interested to see at what point the pedestrian stopped being a threat.
What if she was wearing rollerblades ?
What about a skateboard - she might be able to go from non-threatening wheel mode to kamikaze bipedal mode in an instant ?
What if she omitted to actually lift her feet from the ground and through wearing frictionless shoes could simply glide along ?
What if she was held a few inches above the ground through the effective use of helium balloons and propelled herself forward with trekking poles ?
It is important to know where these boundaries lie in the interests of our public freedom and until we can be the proud owners of an i.d. card confirming the non-threatening nature of our perambulations.

7:25 AM  

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