Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Courtesy of a friend who is funnier than me:

'I wonder if Jeb Bush wins the presidency whether the name Bush will become an honorary title in future for Presidents. It would make a weird sort of sense after all –

“The conclave of Senior Republican Officials has finally reached its decision. A smog of oil based smoke rose from the chimney of the Republican National Committee in Washington DC and moments later the head of the RNC announced from the purpose built TV studio “we have a President.” Richard Ronald Cheney was duly proclaimed President, and announced he would be taking the title of President George W. Bush XVI, and would continue the Holy Fifteenth Crusade against the dirty Muslims.

“The world has been waiting for the announcement of the new President since the death of President Ronald Reagan XXII last week. Reagan died aged 108 from a mixture of Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and a dicky tummy. His papacy – sorry, Presidency – was one of the longest in recent times, lasting for just over 42 years. He was clinically dead for just under 12 years of that period.”'


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