Tuesday, November 22, 2005

News from Wales

I love this story:
....Matthew Wilson, 18, said he had come to see Charlotte Church, because she was "a good role model".... - yeah, right. A role model. Nothing to do with her writhing around in a basque in her last video, then, Matt?

And best of all:...And the Treorchy Male Voice Choir helped comedian Joe Pasquale sing 'I Know a Song That'll Get on Your Nerves'...
And I thought my choir had sunk low.

Last night's pub discussion included the controversial hypothesis that terminal illness is worse for teenagers and young adults than it is for children, as the former group have glimpsed and understood the future they will never have.

HH the Dalai Lama is in Edinburgh.

I remain clueless as to what to get my two ickle nieces for Christmas, suggestions appreciated. Preferable something that cannot be swallowed as the smaller of the two is in that stage characteristic of *all* small mammals, ie. 'what does everything taste like? let's find out.'

In praise of a design icon: the wonderful 2CV. Apparently, seeing a blue one is considered to be lucky in France.

Winter cricket: at the time of writing England are 343-6 (here). No doubt Oscar is keeping an eye on this one, as well as tearing into tabloid science, a favourite target of my own. The doyen of scientific savagery remains the indefatigable (why is there a double negative in this word?) Ben Goldacre.

Our HR manager, who earns more than me and does precisely jack-all to make this company any money, is currently enforcing a clear desk policy. Well, that's a useful way to use resource. Nearly everyonme in this company who actually does anything useful commercially has a legal or scientific background, and I have have *never* seen a scientist or lawyer with a clean desk. We just do not think that way. So, this Friday, when the policy will be 'implemented with sanctions' (scarily dictatorial language) should be interesting.

And, now, I'm rambling.


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