Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It will not have evaded the dwindling band of regular visitors to the Lighthouse that I am running slightly short of inspiration for the sort of witty, lenghty blog posts that will keep people coming back. So, I have been seeking inspiration elsewhere. I am not sure I have a sufficiently filthy mind (well without intoxicants anyway) to write stories like ScaryDuck and I don't have Greenfairy's writing style. I am also not going to engage in political blogging to the extent that Devil's Kitchen, NoseMonkey and Oscar Wildebeest do, as they are better at it than me. The rugby season is still warming up so that's not much of a source of material. So, I thought Misty's more personal, diary-style of blog could be worth a bash. So, in that spirit, fifty thirty twenty seven things you couldn't care less about me. I shall add the first ten now, and come up with more as the day goes on.

1. I'm a vegetarian. I increasingly wonder why.
2. .... but I do get terrible fried chicken cravings when I'm hammered.
3. I was born in a small village in Wales...
4. ... but I now live in north west London.
5. I work for a major London university in a job which involves trying to organise academics. Which is a bit like herding cats.
6. I was in New York the first time Osama tried to blow it up. He failed, which is why you're reading this.
7. I do not tell people my 'star-sign' as I maintain that any interest in astrology is a sure sign that you are a credulous halfwit whom the Renaissance has passed by.
8. I once stood behind Jude Law at a cash machine. He's taller than you'd think.
9. I brew my own beer in a rather Hammer-horror-esque pipes and pumps assembly. I have yet to blind anyone with it.
10. I have wanted to go to Bhutan for the past three years and still have not saved up enough to do so as life keeps getting in the way. If anyone would like to take me I'd be very grateful.
11. I can speak backwards without effort. I have always been able to do it. The secret is to reverse the syllables, not the letters.
12. I'm a Buddhist. But not a very good one.
13. I am not sure if I am an only child as I have a step-brother I was raised with. Does that count?
14. I suffer apocalyptically bad hayfever.
15. I attended one of the Oxbridge universities. I went to a comprehensive. It depresses me that this is becoming a rarer combination.
16. I hate over-boiled vegetables. Especially boiled carrots. Ackhgh...
17. The best job I have ever had is the one I have now. The worst was working in Mister Pound in Merthyr Tydfil. ''Ow much is this?' Ohohoho.
18. I try to be non-materialistic, but I badly want a Marlin
19. My favourite books are Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, Frank Herbert's Dune, Collapse by Jared Diamond, Charriere's Papillon, and Whisper of the Blade by Erik Durschmied.
20. I get horrible Tourette's-like urges to say inappropriate things in pressurised situations. Is it just me who has the urge to shout ARSE! in the middle of exams?
Oh. It is.
21. I love Father Ted, Scrapheap Challenge and Malcolm In The Middle.
22. I will brook no debate on the assertion that Mint Aeros are the best chocolate bars ever.
23. Similarly, my crisps world is bestrode by the Colossus of Worcester Sauce.
24. I play Civilization 2 on Emperor level.
25. I can swim, drive and keep a plane in level flight but I cannot ride a bike.
26. I am long-sighted to the point of medical curiosity.
27. I was labelled a 'dangerous anarchist' by my headmaster. I am still proud of that.


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