Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A certain spin doctor

Can anyone substantiate if the below is true about a certain well-known spin doctor?

'I read an excellent biography that told that story in detail. I think (person I work with) has read it as well. Basically he was a drunk working in a senior position for the failing Today newspaper and went to the Labour conference when Kinnock was in charge. He was so drunk that Kinnock had him thrown out and after that he went on the rampage. If memory serves he was arrested naked on a motorway slip road and was hospitalised with a massive nervous breakdown. “You couldn’t make it up”. Apparently he was in the process of falling apart again prior to his resignation over the David Kelly affair/state sponsored suicide.'

Our clear desk policy has been questioned by some people. The reasons given for it are repeated below:

1. It shows the right image when our customers visit the Company. (Most of them have messy desks too)

2. It reduces the threat of security as confidential information gets filed away. (The threat of security? Eh? Very Freudian)

3. It can, according to scientific studies help reduce stress. (citations please...)

4. It reduces workplace accidents and spills. ('Eeeh, I remember the grest Desk Landslip of 1997... old Jimbo, he got buried up to 'is neck in invoices, 'e did... never did find his faithgful old stapler, Lucky.... we had to take Jimbo's leg off to get 'im out...')

5. It allows the cleaners to do their job effectively and actually polish our desks. (We have cleaners?)

6. It is generally accepted that a tidy desk is a sign of efficiency and effectiveness. (Serial killers usually have very neat handwriting. I believe there is an analogy here.)

Things you can't do in the army: very funny!


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