Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tin hat time

My rant is up at the Sharpener. Tin hats on, over the top and all that.

Dear Lord, I am agreeing with a Torygraph article, which came from this article. By way of balance, the news from Havana and Thimpu!

The ID cards bill survived its first reading. Look at him! Look at his fat grinning face! It is a dark day indeed when we will have to rely on the Lords to protect us from the government. ChickYog on the matter here.

Animal (it is an animal, just) of the day: the zombie snot flowers of Sweden!

Links have been updated below to include Misty, the Sharpener, and a few other random places I like. Blogging-lite for a day or two as work is getting horribly complicated at the moment.

I blog on my personal life extraordinarily rarely, but, LBF, if you're reading this, I'm still sorry and I love you x


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