Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Go here to read CY's (entirely correct) view on the Potters Bar enquiry, and then here to see there are clear historical parallels here with the Aberfan Disaster. In 1966 the NCB buried 144 people alive in a school, including 116 children under the age of ten, due to entirely negligent dumping of cola waste on the hill above the school. They told barefaced government-backed lies at the tribunal, and, although found entirely culpable through the vociferous prosecution of the mighty Desmond Ackner, to this day no-one has ever been censured, fined, or even demoted for the manslaughter of innocents. The man at the top - NCB head, Alf Robens, was made a Lord. I had hoped times had changed and the victims of corporate manslaughter would never again been treated so callously. Evidently not. Hell, the bloke in charge of Jarviscould find himself in the Lords in a few years time, that b*stard Robens did.


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