Monday, December 19, 2005

Workmen told to drink more tea, do less digging

A copper who arrests too many smackheads has been told to stop because he is frightening them away. The officer in question is South African and therefore has had a somewhat different training to native UK coppers ie. he is used to arresting people. This reminds me of the surgeon who is curing too many illnesses has been ordered to slow down as he is costing the NHS too much money. Gladly the surgeon in question has refused to do so. Surely he is making an overall profit for UK plc by getting sick people back in work, and thereby off benefits and into tax-paying labour?

Mad. All mad. Mad, mad, mad.


This'll cheer you up.

Office Christmas party in two hours. Must NOT tell the HR manager everyone calls her Baron Greenback, must NOT ask senior physicist if he has a toupee and must NOT tell my manager the joke about the dead hooker in the boot of the car.

My referrer logs tell me that someone using AOL search (uurgh) got to this site after searching for 'transvestite prostitutes west yorkshire.'

I am unsure what to make of this.


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