Monday, April 10, 2006

UKIP campaigning

Now that's what I call aggressive campaigning. Where the f*ck did they get an armoured car from? And, is it safe to give people like this an armoured car?

The UKIP bloke shows how in touch with normal, modern Britain he is when says that 'Mr Cameron had let Tory voters down "like a cheap pair of braces"'. Does anyone know anyone who still wears braces, outside of the City?

Join UKIP and get free top hat and pair of spats!

How are genuine, concerned, non-loony Eurosceptics supposed to vote?


Blogger The Nameless One said...

No-one to vote for at the moment. If you are asking me you should have joined the Tory Party and voted for David Davis in November of last year.

I've still not got over him losing.

8:31 AM  
Blogger funny thing said...

Maybe he means the kind that you wrap around your teeth, forcing you to drool like a half-witted lunatic.

That just about covers all of them, I reckon.

Have we still got any fun parties any more? Like the 'We don't believe in gravity' party or the well-known 'Vote for this paperclip' party?
I miss them...

12:49 AM  

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