Thursday, June 30, 2005

Question of the day on b3ta

Hidden treasures: what have you found?

When I was ten, we broke into a boarded-up church and found a nearly complete, hardly-rusted-at-all WW2 NSU bike with a swastika on it and EVERYTHING (like Steve McQueen rode in The Great Escape.) Feck knows how it got there. We looked everywhere but couldn't find the skeleton of its long dead hiding German rider-in-hiding. Most disappointing.

Further to all the 'we found a bomb' stories, my grandad worked in construction for years and tells me that finding bombs in gardens etc. was a frighteningly regular occurrence for years after the war, apparently. If you were merrily digging away and suddenly heard the 'ting!' of your pick hitting metal, you usually shat yourself.

Now then Clive, this (here) is more like it. Some more Grand Slam winners!


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