Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Worst rulers

Scaryduck is doing a Worst People Ever poll, so I have decided to look into a specific subset of worst people, of interest to me: the Worst Rulers Ever. Yes, the most ill-advised people ever to sit on a throne.

There have been a fair few dodgy popes, but John XII has to be up there, running a brothel on Church property: here

Being Roman Emperor wasn't enough for young Elegabalus. But he didn't want to be a singer, or a poet, or even a shepherd, like some overburdened potentates. No, he wanted to be a transvestite prostitute.

The Ottomans were generally an oasis of sanity in the medieval world, but the habit of imprisoning heirs to throne fractured a few psyches, particularly Mustafa the Mad here.

You knew where you were with Charles the Mad!

Bringing us right up to date, and keeping up the side for genocidal post-colonial Africans, we have self-proclaimed King of Scotland Idi Amin and, of course Robert 'White men made AIDS and my palace is haunted' Mugabe.

More mad rulers here and here.


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