Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hysterical reaction

Everyone I know is alive. Thankfully. But it was all scary. Big respect to the police and London Underground staff, who handled it all so well.

The police have searched some houses in West Yorkshire looking for the suspects:
West Yorkshire is really a very, very PC way of saying 'Bradford', isn't it? And whatever you do, DON'T mention the M word in connection with the suspects.....

According to Radio 1 news this morning, the 10,000+ US soldiers stationed in the UK have been advised not to travel inside the M25. So, driving around Basra in a Hummer waving the Stars and Stripes is fine, but a shopping trip to Covent Gardent is just too risky.

Anyway. Have you ever seen some rather acerbically witty stencil art around London? Chances are it was a Banksy. You can see some more of his stuff here. Free art - wonderful idea. Claiming back public space too. One of the joys of travelling in places like Cuba is that there are no advertisements everywhere you look; corporates dominating every vista.


Blogger Oscar Wildebeest said...

Leeds, actually. Never mind, you made the point well.

Nice to see Ian Blair agreeing that ID cards would have made no difference (do you have to be called 'Blair' to hold high public office in this country? If so, I'm changing my name. Not to Blair, I don't want that much responsibility.)

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