Monday, November 28, 2005

Girls' names etc.

Over the weekend I speak briefly to an old mate who told me he'd met a girl recently called Candy. After my derisive snorting and questions as to how much she charges per dance he affirmed that Candy *is* apparently her real name. It is short for Candida. Which sounds nice until one realises that Candida is the genus of yeast that causes thrush. Which leads me to think of other 'orrible words that would make nice names. Anathema, for example, as in (I believe, it's been a while) Pratchett & Gaiman's Good Omens. Chylamidia. Syphilis. Tsunami. All lovely names for a girl, I think. Suggestions?

Justin ChickYog is on fire again. Really, how does he do it? At least he is doing something positive with his rage at the state of things. Th ever-vitriolic Charlie Brooker posits another way to vent your anger; a two minute howl.

Stephen Ladyman, minister for speed cameras, very bravely appeared on Top Gear last night. He got savaged by Clarkson. I maintain that Top Gear is the funniest comedy on TV at the moment. I am reliably informed that thousands of people with no interest in cars watch it, for the sheer entertainment value of watching three grown men bicker over shiny cars that they clearly love with a childish, innocent glee. They also visited the sublime Millau Bridge, the world's tallest, and surely a contender for a modern wonder of the world.


Blogger Alan Saunders said...

I once encountered a journalist/writer by the name of Candida Crewe (she was writing for the Sunday Times or Telegraph at the time). My experience of her (which concerned a hobby-related story she wrote in which she was particularly unpleasant to both myself and others with a similar interest) suggested that whoever named her after an unpleasant disease named her well.

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