Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Making it more interesting

I have been following the Italian elections. You may well wonder why, as I live in London.

Well, for a start, it is great TV. Berlusconi is utterly barmy and prone to saying some very odd things. Secondly, their psephology is head-damagingly complex - a mix of FPPTP and PR, where getting 0.1% majority by vote gets you two more seats, further complicated by the presence of so many parties in fragile coalitions.

But, best of all, there is the Italian presenters. We have Kirsty Wark and Andrew 'Brillo Pad' Neill, they get this. Genius.

Oh, and just to contribute my tiny little bit to the best of Googlebomb of all, Charles Clarke sweaty baboon, Charles Clarke sweaty baboon.



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