Thursday, July 21, 2005

Breaking news

Am I the only one to have noticed this? Interesting that a public body is looking to branch into ID based commercial technology. The Oyster is a marketing and surveillance dream - as it's tagged with your name, they'll be able to track where you go AND what you buy when you get there. I see the list of preferred bidders includes well known IT cock up merchants EDS and Accenture, of tax credits and pensions infamy, respectively.

As if Transport for London doesn't have enough trouble with MetroNet. I met a man recently who is one of a TfL dept of 300, the department's sole function being to get MetroNet to fulfil the obligations of their contract. So we're not just paying for MetroNet, we pay for someone to make sure they;re doing what they're paid for. Welcome to the crazy world of PFI, kids!

As I type another bomb has detonated at Warren St and Oval stations. But the bastards won't stop us winning the cricket! Take care out there, everyone.


Blogger Oscar Wildebeest said...

No, terrorists won't stop us winning the cricket, only the ineptitude of the bunch of losers who represent our country and who remain, inexplicably, the eleven best players we actually have.

(Actually, the ECB deserve some of the blame for the ridiculous schedule which allowed the Aussies tons of match practice before the first Test, then scheduled that match at Lord's where they haven't lost since 1934. I am so angry I could vote Tory.)

(Actually, I'm not that angry...)

7:56 AM  

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